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Stress Relief: Apple & Elderflower

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  • Support the nervous system.

    Stress relief, without weariness. 

    Any time when you're finding the going getting tough:

    - During a trying day

    - Ahead of having to perform under pressure

    - Stepping off at the end of the day

    - De-stressing before bed time.

    Granny Smith Apple and Elderflowers with Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, Zinc, Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C.

    Contains 25 servings - 50ml bottle.

    No added sugar.

    No artificial sweeteners.

    No Stevia.

    No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. 

    Made in the UK.

  • Each drink carefully formulated to deliver a particular benefit. 

    Blends of fruit, botanicals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids - with 25 servings per bottle.

    Delicious, healthy, sustainable hydration - at home, the office or on the go!

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