Free shipping on all deliveries £20 (& over) to Mainland UK

Free shipping on all deliveries £20 (& over) to Mainland UK


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question, please message us from our website, email us at or send us a direct message on Instagram (@FountDrinks).

Our Drinks

Advice from specialists. Extensive research on ingredients. Numerous iterations to get the recipes just right.

No. If you feel unwell, consult your doctor.

If you suffer from any medical condition, please seek advice from your medical practitioner prior to consuming these products.

If you feel unwell at all, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

No. None. The only sugar is that which is naturally occurring within the fruit and botanical ingredients (0.4-0.5g per serve).

No. None.

2 months after opening.

Also, see the BEE date printed on the bottle which indicates the Best Before the End of the month specified.

No. The products are all stable and safe to be stored at room temperature.

Great for keeping on the kitchen counter, your office desk or in your hand bag, backpack or gym bag.

The products are all gluten free. They are not kosher or halal certified.

Yes they are.

Yes. At 50ml, the bottles are all within the regulation size for liquids in hand luggage.


Fount was designed to start to put an end to the lunacy of drinks companies trucking water around the world to places with perfectly drinkable tap water.

All materials are recyclable and readily recycled.

No single-use plastics. 

Our bottles are made from glass. Glass recycling is well established and readily available across the UK. Including your bottles in your regular glass recycling is more energy efficient than returning the glass bottles to us for cleaning and re-filling.

We will continue to monitor this and if this changes we will look to introduce a return-and-refill loop.

Ordering & Subscribing

Savings: We will always make sure that our subscribers get a good deal. Our UK-based subscribers will all be getting free shipping for orders of more than £20.

Product availability: By subscribing you are able to ensure that you will have access to the product from our small-batch production runs.

Subscribers get an ongoing 12.5% discount. Plus any discount code you might have.

You are able to edit or pause your subscription yourself at any time. You can cancel your subscription after 3 purchases.

Any questions? Email us at

No. If you are not home, the package can be left in a pre-arranged safe place. Please nominate your safe space in the Delivery Instructions section of the Shopping Cart.

Also if you can leave a What3Words location then this will assist the courier company in delivering to the correct spot.

Alternatively, many workplaces now allow employees to have parcels delivered to the office.

Yes we do. Either make the order to your office online, or email us at

Absolutely! You can purchase any of our products online for somebody else on either a one-off or subscription basis. Just make sure you use their name and address in the Shipping Details section.

You can also send them a Gift Card that they can use towards their purchases by clicking here.

What a great way to show someone that you care for their health and wellbeing.

Orders are despatched within 1-2 working days or the order being made. Delivery to UK addresses typically takes a further 1-3 days depending on the pressures in the courier network.